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Child Treatment Services

Our clinic offers all kinds of services and constantly study new technology to add new custom services to the list

Check-up (full dental examination)

This is an appointment where dentist will have a look at your child’s teeth, list out the areas where treatment is necessary. You will get recommendations on how to make sure your child will have beautiful and shining smile in the future.


Dental X-rays use controlled pulses of radiation to create images of the internal structures of the jaw and mouth. This helps your dentist diagnose problems in your child’s teeth and jaws. The procedure is safe and absolutely painless.


Fillings are a crucial procedure to remedy cavities and prevent the condition from worsening or leading to other dental problems. After removing infected material from your child's tooth and cleaning it, your dental professional will fill their cavity.

Root canal treatment

A root canal is a procedure to remove diseased pulp from your child's tooth. The pulp is tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels that fill the tooth roots. Each root secures your child's tooth to his or her gum and jawbone. Your child may need a root canal treatment if the tooth is damaged or infected.

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are thin coatings placed over the pits and fissures of back teeth to help form a protective layer. It stops the food from getting in the tiny grooves in the teeth and thereby, reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Tooth extraction

A child's tooth may require extraction if it is severely damaged from an injury or decay. These procedures are very common among children, our professionals make sure this procedure is painless and safe.

Our Approach

The Procedure for a Check-up at Irmadent

01. Book an Appointment
Filling in the form for an appointment to have our specialists evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene.
02. Conduct Oral Checkup
Your assigned doctor will give a thorough check on your teeth, gum, tongue & throat to find potential risks.
03. Perform Treatment
Your assigned specialist will perform the procedure needed to restore your happy smile.
04. Prescribe & Payment
Your doctor will prescribe medication of additional procedures if needed.

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Child Treatment Pricing

At Irmadent your health comes first, but you need to invest into that. Check how much you would need to get it sorted.
  • Check-up (full dental examination)
  • X-ray
  • Fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Fisure sealant
  • Tooth extraction