About clinic

About clinic

Welcome to IrmaDent
Private Dental & Aesthetic Clinic

We will check your current dental situation and decide your treatment. Our specialists will take care of your smile with dedication.

Why We Stand Out?

IrmaDent always places patients at the center of our attention, and concentrate on improving their experience with the aid of technologies.

Get Your Services Right

Get rid of your pain and stress with our dental services. It’s a priority to relieve the pain as fast as possible.

Our Philosophy

IrmaDent - trustworthy assistance when it comes to dental health issues.
Our mission is to provide affordable, professional and modern assistance to people who are willing to take care about their oral hygiene and dental health in general.
Our vision – is to become local opinion leaders and experts when it comes to oral hygiene and health matters.
Our core values: willingness to help and treat our patients in the most kind way possible, flexibility, trustworthiness and professionalism in everything what we do.

105a Romford Road

Stratford, London, E15 4LY
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